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Support & Guidance

What is pastoral support at Rainhill Sixth Form?

At Rainhill Sixth Form, we see pastoral care as encompassing all none academic aspects of your learning and development. This includes:

  • Health and wellbeing;
  • Advice about sexual health and pregnancy;
  • Mental health;
  • Emotional support for bereavement;
  • Support for students in Care or those that are caring for others;
  • Bursary and monetary support.

How do we support you at Rainhill Sixth Form?

We feel our support systems at Rainhill Sixth Form are excellent. There is always someone to help you, for example:

  • Mr Hemsley – Director of Sixth Form;
  • Alison Anders – Sixth Form Student Manager;
  • Joanne Morrell – Sixth Form Progression Mentor;
  • Nikki Hughes – Sixth Form Administration;
  • Tutors – We have a dedicated team of tutors for Year 12 and 13. All students meet with their tutor on a 1:1 basis every fortnight;
  • Teaching staff – As well as helping you academically, teaching staff are there to support you pastorally.

If you need help, just ask a member of staff at Rainhill Sixth Form. We are a small, friendly team, happy to help you with anything.

Further, we work with external agencies to support you, such as:

  • C-Card – Drop in session offering free confidential advice and guidance around sexual health;
  • School Nurse appointments – Drop in sessions every Wednesday.
  • Mindsmatter
  • Young Carers

Who is responsible for pastoral support at Rainhill Sixth Form?

We are all responsible for your care and development at Rainhill Sixth Form. From the Director to your form tutor, individual teachers to support staff, we are here for you. We are a friendly team and if you have any worries about anything at any point in time, come and find a member of staff and talk to us.

Alison Anders is our Rainhill Sixth Form Student Manager. Alison is a non-teaching member of staff who is always on hand in the Sixth Form office to support you with any issues or problems you may have. Nothing is too big, nothing is too small – just pop in see what she can do for you.

Alison is also a safeguarding officer. So, if you need to report a safeguarding issue or want to get some guidance on a safeguarding matter, Alison is there.

All three support staff are first aid trained at Rainhill Sixth Form. So, if you need first aid, go straight to the Sixth Form office and someone will attend to you.

Why do we think pastoral support is important at Rainhill Sixth Form?

At Rainhill Sixth Form we believe that a happy student is a productive student. This is what we aim to achieve. If your health, mental wellbeing, nutrition or sleep is effected then so is your learning, progression and enjoyment. A Level and Level 3 BTEC studies are hard. So, you need to be on top of your game to achieve your full potential. Taking care of yourself is the first step.

We want your individual journey through Rainhill Sixth Form to be as smooth as possible. The two years you spend with us will set you up on the pathway to your adult lives and therefore it is important that you are as happy and well as possible.

The excellent pastoral support and guidance we offer, at Rainhill Sixth Form, will help you to achieve this.

Where I can go for further help and support?

For free, confidential advice and guidance about sexual health:

Find links around health, wellbeing and mental health support:

Live life happy:

Mental health support for young men:

Advice around eating well:

Support and guidance for mental health issues:

Speak to an online counsellor in confidence:

PREVENT strategy:

Advice if you are not sleeping well:

LGBT support: