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Our progression experts at Rainhill Sixth Form know you need more than your A Level or BTEC grades to progress to the best apprenticeships or Universities. Employers and admissions tutors look for commitment to your subject and an independence in your studies.

They want to take people on who live and love their subjects or career paths. They want you to be able to enthuse about English or show you passion for fashion. They want you to be able to evidence your love for what you do by showing them that you have gone beyond the classroom with your learning but how can you do this?

Here at Rainhill Sixth Form we run the Supercurriculum to ensure that students can do just this. Rainhill Sixth Form’s Supercurriculum is in two parts – independent development and Supercurriculum Wednesdays.

Independent Development

Through the Supercurriculum at Rainhill Sixth Form, students are encouraged to complete five independent activities. These should be spaced throughout the year, building up to their UCAS applications in June. The purpose of the independent activities is to allow students time to indulge in their subject, career or passion beyond the curriculum. Each students independent supercurriculum will be unique to them because its all about them finding their own love beyond the classroom. Students could be read a book, complete a MOOC or writing their own blog. Below are some suggestions on where to start or find subject specific suggestions on the pathways to progression page:

Work Experience/shadowing

Getting work experience or volunteering experience not only give you an insight into what your future career might be like but also helps to develop your employability skills.

Read broadsheet newspapers

Get to know about the world around you. Read interesting articles as a starting point and then find out more…

Read a book or read specialist journals or magazines from our library

We have a wide range of up to date journals in the library, from National Geographic to the Economist. Pick one up to read in your free.

Read or write your own blog

Want to be a journalist? Have opinions on fashion and want to get your ideas and designs out there? Then why not start your own blog:

Complete a MOOC

A MOOC (massive open online course) is a completely free course! Delivered online and with no assessments, MOOCs are a great way of learning something completely new.

Watch documentaries/podcasts/Youtube videos

There are a wealth of good documentaries to watch on catch up or why not treat yourself to a TED talk?

Join clubs and societies

Google “History club, St Helens” or “Book club, Liverpool” and see what comes up! If there isn’t a club for your interest in your area, why not start one in Sixth Form?

Visit lectures given at local societies or universities

You can attend public lectures at local universities. Check out the events below:

I went on a work placement to gain an insight into HR and Marketing as a result of my interest in studying Business Studies A Level. I also completed a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) on HR as part of my independent study towards evidencing my super curriculum portfolio of work.

Rainhill Student 2016-2018