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Small Class Sizes

At Rainhill Sixth Form, our strength is our size. We are a small Sixth Form with a capacity of 250 students. That means we can offer a truly personalised approach to your education. We get to know you – your strengths and weaknesses and your hopes and dreams.

We tailor your curriculum, supercurriculum and support then to you as an individual.

The average class size is 8 students, meaning you will get lots of 1:1 support from teachers in lessons and outside. This will lead to rapid progression through personalised support, from our specialist staff, leading to excellent results. Excellent results mean a wide choice of destinations, and our students go on to top Universities and apprenticeships, thanks to the support they get in their small classes.

We try and run classes wherever we can, even with low numbers. This means you are more likely to get your first choice of subjects, even when numbers are low. Getting you into the right subjects is our priority because if you enjoy what you do you will achieve your potential.

I chose Rainhill Sixth Form because I liked the idea of small class sizes with the extra opportunity to have additional teacher support because of that. I have had a very positive experience studying at Sixth Form and grown as a person because of the positivity and encouragement of all the staff and people I have worked with and met over the two years

SD, attended Rainhill Sixth Form 2016-18