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Excellent Exam Results

We know how important good grades are at A Level and in your Level 3 BTEC, that is why we work hard to ensure you get them. At Rainhill Sixth Form, you will be in a small class which means your teacher will get to know your strengths and weaknesses.

You will sit LP exams three times a year so that you can get personalised feedback on your learning. After your LP exams, we offer intervention as a Sixth Form and in lessons. We have good systems in place to make sure you achieve. This can be seen in our results. In 2018, Rainhill Sixth Form results were:

  • On average, Rainhill Sixth Form’s vocational students exceeded expected progress.
  • The average grade for vocational subjects was a High Distinction. This is the equivalent of a high A grade at A Level.
  • On average, disadvantaged students made better than expected progress.
  • On average, disadvantaged students made better progress than non disadvantaged students.
  • Overall students made expected progress.
  • Overall, vocational students making above expected progress.
  • Students, on average, exceeded than expected progress in 100% of the Arts subjects.
  • In Science, on average, students exceeded expected progress in Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Further Maths.
  • In English Language, Geography, History, Psychology and RE, on average, students exceeded expected progress.

I chose to study at Rainhill Sixth Form because the courses that were offered seemed better than other places I had considered. I knew staff and helped students obtain good GCSE results and saw no reason to do my A-levels somewhere else.

MS, attended Rainhill Sixth Form 2016-2018

Our excellent exam results meant that in 2018, 96% of our students were in EET by September 2019.This continues to be well above the national average. Our students go on to top Universities, such as Oxford University, Liverpool University and Durham University. The number of students gaining a degree apprenticeship is growing, with some of our alumni working for United Utilities and IBM.