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Study Skills Support

Making sure you get the best qualifications is what we do at Rainhill Sixth Form. Our results have risen over the past four years and our students make expected progress or better on average.

This is through our personalised support for each student. Our small class sizes and subject specialist teachers and mentors ensure you get the study support you need.

At Rainhill Sixth Form, we have three sets of LP exams throughout the year. Each exam is held in formal conditions. This allows you to get comfortable with your surroundings and exam procedures. After each LP exam, the Director of Sixth form, along with teachers and mentors, arrange extra study support for students who need it. This could be:

  • Mentoring for the most academically able to support their path to A*;
  • Directed study in the study room;
  • Timed essay practice in S1;
  • 1:1 form tutor meetings to discuss academic progress;
  • Extra lessons with teachers, especially in technical subjects;
  • Study skills session, run by Mr Hemsley, on a Wednesday afternoon.

You do not need to wait for your LP results though. If you feel you need support in gaining better study practices, just ask. Our small, friendly team are always on hand to help at Rainhill Sixth Form.

Stuck in the holidays? Want to brush up your study skills at the weekend? Or get the edge in the evening? Try one of the websites below and then check in with your teacher or mentor the next day.