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Student Planner

Here you can find the term dates for Rainhill Sixth Form, St Helens. Our A level program at Rainhill Sixth Form is packed full to maximise teaching and learning time in the classroom.

Further, our BTEC Level 3 program at Rainhill Sixth Form is also planned and organised to balance the busy schedule of coursework and exams. We would ask you to check carefully when booking holidays or family events to avoid LP and exam times as much as possible.

Term dates at Rainhill High School and Sixth Form

Our term time dates are the same as Rainhill High School so that families who have siblings in Rainhill Sixth Form and Rainhill High School can share their time together.

Reporting an absence at Rainhill Sixth Form

We know sometimes clashes are inevitable, but we would ask you to inform us of any events your son/daughter need to attend during sixth form time and would also ask them to follow the absence procedures.

The absence procedures at Rainhill Sixth Form are:

  • Student to see Nikki (Administration) to get an absence form;
  • Student to fill in dates/times when they will be absent;
  • Student to see ALL teachers whose lessons they will be missing to get the form signed;
  • Student to collect any work missed before the day of absence.

If your son/daughter is ill or is unexpectedly absent, we would ask that this is reported on the first day via a call to Sixth Form reception. We would also ask a call is made on any following days of absence to allow us to safeguard your son/daughter.