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Supporting Rainhill

Through a two way partnership between Rainhill Sixth Form and yourselves, we believe we can support your son/daughter to achieve their potential and successfully progress to University or an Apprenticeship. Here are some things you can do, as a parent to support us at Rainhill Sixth Form:

We are a small, friendly team at Rainhill Sixth Form

  • The two years your son/daughter spends with us at Rainhill Sixth Form are fast paced, meaning that they need to be healthy, both physically and mentally. Making sure their diet, exercise and sleep patterns are good is essential for success;
  • If anything is worrying them or your son/daughter is facing any issues, medically or personally, please tell us. We want to support you and your son/daughter;
  • Know your son/daughters timetable and make sure they are punctual and attending all lessons and encourage them to take part in supercurriculum, sports teams and trips throughout the year;
  • We think that getting a part time job is a good idea to develop your son/daughters life experience and employability skills, however, they are a full time student too. We recommend no more than 8-10 hours of employment a week to give them time to complete their extra work and also rest;
  • We know you are the most influential part of your son/daughter success, so talking about their day at Rainhill Sixth Form, what they have learnt and how they are feeling is essential. Allow your son/daughter a quiet place to work, if possible and allow them to prioritise their independent studies and complete it as well as they can;
  • Family holidays are a great way to relax and spend some time with our loved ones. We all need them! But there are important dates to avoid. For example, LP examination weeks. Final Level 3 exams take place between May and July also.

Someone will always be on hand if you have any concerns or need a question answering. You can contact us at: 01744 677205 or email us at: