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Our Policies

There are only 135 places in Year 12 each year, so competition to get in is fierce. We expect the highest standards of academic performance both in terms of GCSE qualifications and attitude to learning.

Our vision

To provide an outstanding academic education for all our students so that they are able to make a valuable and positive contribution to our global community”. To realise our vision, our aims are to: • help our students to achieve excellent examination results • develop our students as leaders to have a positive impact on our society locally nationally and internationally • prepare students for the demands of the future • enhance our students’ skills for a lifetime of learning We care passionately about each and every one of our students as individuals and we aim to offer them the best possible advice, guidance and support to ensure that all are successful academically and personally.

Our community

Although based at Rainhill High School, our Sixth Form is not an extension of school. The Sixth Form Centre is separate and different.

  • We treat you as adults.
  • There is no uniform.
  • You can decide how you spend your non-contact time.
  • You are the only users of the Sixth Form facilities, including the Bistro, Common Room, Library and study areas.
  • The culture of our Sixth Form is entirely different to our school. As a small Sixth Form everybody knows everyone else. You are treated with respect as an individual. We adapt things to you.

Additional Policies