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Rainhill Sixth Form students get to business with national enterprise competition

This half term, Rainhill Sixth Form students have been venturing into business pursuing future employment skills and a chance of winning £600 worth of tech.

Through a series of lessons, Year 12 and 13 have been developing their enterprise awareness and have capitalised on their entrepreneurial spirit to create a small business plan. The lessons have been delivered by the Sixth Form tutor team and have focused on initial ideas, marketing, pitching and finance. Through a series of videos, articles and discussions students have honed their ideas, culminating in the creation of a business plan.

The enterprise scheme has been run in conjunction with Unifrog, an online progression platform which gives students access to University and apprenticeships information. Students at Rainhill Sixth Form are familiar with Unifrog, completing half termly tasks which helps them build a bank of information about their progression. This is the first time Unifrog have run an enterprise competition and all at Rainhill were keen to take on the task and try to win the top prize of £600 worth of tech.

Business plans submitted for consideration have been diverse, showing the true creativity of Rainhill Sixth Form students. They have ranged from a website and network to support children who have lost their parents through cancer to a drinks company tackling obesity by marketing healthy, fun lava lamp smoothies to young people. Further, ideas have included a drug detecting straw to help protect people from drink spiking and a fun, interactive fitness app to help tackle inactivity for people who may not want to join the gym. Only one business plan could be submitted for the national competition and the ‘detecti-straw’, a straw that detects spiked drinks, was chosen. All students’ contributions though were well thought through and developed.

Mr Hemsely, Director of Rainhill Sixth Form commented “All the entries have been fabulous. We are planning on rewarding all students who got involved in the enterprise scheme. There will be certificates and prizes given out to the top groups during National Careers Week. It is so important for students to develop enterprise skills, such as team work and communication, not only to encourage our future business leaders but to develop essential employability skills for all.”

Following on from this, students in Year 12 will have the chance to meet local and national employers and business owners in National Careers week and International Women’s Week, beginning 4th March 2019 to further develop their ideas on how to be successful business leader or how to make it to the top of the career ladder, using these new found skills.

And finger crossed for the competition results, but whether the students plan comes out on top or not, the priceless skills and ideas developed through this scheme makes every student who took part a winner.