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Local Charity presented with Christmas gifts from Rainhil Sixth Form students

Rainhill Sixth Form students have been getting into the real spirit of Christmas by collecting toys and gifts for local young people who cannot afford luxuries and donating them to local charity SHAP.

This is the third year students and staff at Rainhill Sixth Form have supported SHAP. SHAP helps young people and families in St Helens who are in need. This can be through money worries, social disadvantages or those who are at risk of being homeless. Rainhill staff and students have been buying an extra Christmas gift to donate, meaning everyone can have a happier Christmas this year.

The huge box was placed in the study room so students and staff could easily drop off gifts and they certainly were generous in their donations. From colourful rag dolls to fleecy baby grows, grown-up pamper hampers to toasty warm gloves and scarves, the box soon filled up.

Faith Thompson, in Year 12, has been highly involved in the collection. Asked why she got involved, Faith said, “It’s important to give things to people in need at Christmas and think about people who do not have the same privileges as we do.”

Alison Anders, Sixth Form Student Manager further commented,

It’s satisfying to know from SHAP’s management that our Sixth Form donations really help to make young vulnerable families have a happier Christmas. It can be very challenging time of the year, financially, physically and mentally. So, thanks to all those who have supported us again this year.

Alison and Faith delivered the box to SHAP ready for the big day. Coming back into Sixth Form with a big smile, Faith said of the drop off, “It was nice to visit SHAP and the staff were really friendly and grateful.”

The charity of Rainhill Sixth Form students has gone national too this Christmas. With a large number of students and staff supporting Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Appeal on Friday 14th December 2018. A festive feast of jingly jumpers and tinselly tops were on display to light up the day with students donating £1 to this worthwhile cause.

I am immensely proud of the students and staff. The community at Rainhill are caring and generous and I am pleased we can help local charities especially. It’s great to see the young people develop their empathy and sense of responsibly as a citizen. It’s good that they can think of others in this season of over indulgence. It brought a real smile to my face this morning too when the students turned up in Christmas jumpers. It’s great we have such a proactive community of students here that get involved in all we do. Well done all.

David Hemsley - Director of Sixth Form

An excellent effort from all at Rainhill Sixth Form to capture the real meaning of Christmas. Students and staff can enjoy the festive season knowing they have made someone else smile. Now that’s the Christmas spirit.