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A Level French is the ideal stepping stone into the world beyond. As well as gaining a tangible communication skill in the ability to speak French, bilingualism has also been proved to increase your computational and critical thinking, enhance your listening and empathy skills and boost oracy in all languages you speak.

Subject Type: A Level
Details of Exam Board: AQA
Entry Requirements:

5 GCSEs Grade 4 or above, including Maths and English. Ideally an Ebacc student with a minimum of a Grade 6 in French and a Grade 6 in English Language.

Last three years destinations:
  • BA (Hons) German at Liverpool University
  • BA (Hons) Spanish and Japanese at Manchester University
  • Bsc (Hons) Biomedical Science and a Modern Language

Course Aims

France itself is a key trading partner for the UK and home to the global powers in the biochemistry (Sanofi, Servier, Ipsen), automotive (Renault, Peugeot, Citroën), aviation (Airbus), telecommunications (Orange, Alcatel), energy (EDF, Veolia, Total) and service industries.

On the global stage, Francophone countries are developing at a faster rate than ever. Canada is promoting French as having parity with English, with a new French-speaking University in Québec. French links with the Middle East are stronger than ever, with the French government sponsoring and investing heavily in a new Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi. French retains its global position as the language of diplomacy, spoken in the worlds of sport (IOC, FIFA), politics (UN, EU, AU), law (ECJ, ICJ) and beyond. The course will ease you into a whole new world studying culture, including films and music; history, from Ancient civilisations to modern day; politics; sociology and law all wrapped in a neat tricolore package.

I am constantly amazed at how language changes and how we make it adapt to fit what we need. Language to me is the equations that govern our social interactions – it can make or break friendship groups, help you to achieve what you want and give you an instantaneous deep insight into another person’s background, thoughts or feelings. All in the nuance of a single well-placed, well-chosen word.


Nearly all Universities offer French beyond A Level, whether this is on its own or as part of a joint honours programme like Law with French, Accounting with French, Biochemistry with French or International Business. Equally, the ability to speak French will be a string to the bow of any non-University based career route.

Careers in accounting, economics, sociology, law, social media management, tourism, translation and interpreting, military intelligence, biochemistry, engineering and broadcasting are all critically enhanced by a second language, by opening up a second job market to the linguist.


Assessment is based on three separate components.

Component 1 – Listening, reading and writing – worth 40% of the qualification. You will sit an examination of duration 2 hours and 30 minutes, set and marked by the exam board.

Component 2 – Writing – worth 30% of the qualification. You will sit an examination of duration 2 hours, set and marked by the exam board. This covers study of a film and a book.

Component 3 – Speaking – worth 30% of the qualification. This is an Oral exam of duration between 21-23 minutes, including a presentation that you will have prepared yourself in advance.


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