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Computer Science

Computer Science is not about using computers. It is about controlling and shaping the digital world through programming. From Snapchat and Facebook to running nuclear power stations, software development is at the heart of modern living.

Subject Type: A Level
Details of Exam Board: AQA
Entry Requirements:

Grade 6 in GCSE Computer Science and a Grade 6 in Maths.

Last three years destinations:
  • Bsc (Hons) Computer Science at Imperial College London
  • BSc (Hons) Electronic Engineering and Computer Science at Liverpool University
  • BSc (Hons) Computer Science at Lancaster University

Course Aims

The course has an emphasis on abstract thinking, problem solving, programming skills, algorithmic and mathematical reasoning and computational hardware. If you want to learn about programming, networking, how hardware and software operates and enjoy solving complex problems, then you will enjoy this course.

If my students only did what I taught them then we will still be using windows 10 in 2040! I expect them to work towards far exceeding me – that way, I know they will build the robot who helps me be healthier and live longer when I’m older. Within technology your imagination can be free! It is limitless! As part of this course, you have to create a programming project – your choice, your dreams, your reality


Computing, programming and development is one of the few growth sectors in the UK. We live in an information society, one where the computer and the microchip are the development tools of the future. All the statistics say we do not produce enough computer scientists in the world and that people are only learning to use the tools that are given to them, not learning to make the tools themselves so that they can produce the next generation of software. Computer Science provides learners with the skills they need to make things happen.

A qualification in Computer Science opens up an incredible world of opportunities: roles within the games design industry, web and animation development, network management or perhaps network security, digital forensics or mobile app development.


The weighting of assessment is 20% NEA project and 80% examinations.

The project will be set and marked by your teacher and then externally moderated.

There are two examinations which are both completed at the end of year 13. They carry an equal weighting of 40% each of your overall grade. Both are set and marked by the exam board, the first as an on-screen examination and the second as a paper based exam.


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