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Sixth Form Curriculum Statement of Intent

Rainhill Sixth offers a curriculum with a diverse range of subjects and styles of assessment to suit the needs of a diverse intake.

We ensure students have full Gatsby benchmark coverage in the Curriculum offer to leave them well skilled, aware of progression options and with contacts in academia and employment opportunities in the local area. We also ensure that extra curricular as well as Supercurricular pursuits help them leave as a valuable and active citizen, with age appropriate PSHCE activities along with charitable work. All in a supportive environment where wellbeing, work life balance and enjoyment are at its core.

Pathways in the Curriculum Offer

Students are given advice through Year 11 in one to one discussions and entry Interviews. They have enrolment discussions with experienced Sixth Form staff who ensure they choose the right courses based on their academic profiles and future ambitions.

A-level- Students with the entry grade profile for the subjects can complete any A-level subjects

Mixed- We are as aspirational as can be, sometimes some students value the vocational approach to subjects and we allow a mixed option.

Applied General/Technical- For some students the vocational route matches their learning and progression needs and they complete any of these qualifications.

Within these academic groups we also have progress groups to target the right support for students

  • Scholars Programme- For high performers looking at Oxbridge/Medical/Veterinary applications (early applicants and extra exams/interview preparation)
  • Honours Programme- for students aiming to be at Russell Group universities
  • Uni ready group- For all other students considering university as their next step
  • Work ready group- Specific events aimed at awareness of what is available and where with regard to apprenticeships

All students can mix and match in activities to be fully informed of all potential future options.